What is Open Floor?

Open floor is an embodied meditation practice in motion.

Physically, sensually, emotionally, soulfully: we are invited to connect to the rich tapestry of life through movement and dance.

The space that is unveiled here on the Open Floor offers an abundant opportunity to become more physical, to arrive deeply into our bodies, to connect with ourselves and others, to research, to discover, to put the themes of life into motion.


The coordinates that create the framework for these "explorations" are the 4 planes of relationship -- with ourselves, with another, within a group or community and with our connection to spirit -- as well as the four planes of being: physical, emotional, cognitive and soulful.

In addition to the the rich landscapes of the 4x4, Open Floor works with "Core Movement Resources" (CMRs), to bring in different perspectives of dance, movement and life.

The CMR’s help us to focus on the different dynamics of movement, such as Ground, Center, Expand and Contract, Activate and Settle, moving Towards and Away various aspects of life, Release, Dissolve, Pause and aligning through Vector.

CMR’s provide guidance in the versatility of our movement landscape, allow for insights & awareness in relation to our lives, and they help to season our embodiment with power and creativity.

Open Floor International was founded in 2013 by a circle of movement teachers* who were students* of Gabrielle Roth and brought with them their individual subjects of expertise, weaving a holistic web (for example: Creative Writing, Acting, Visual Arts, Psychotherapy, Shamanism - to name just a few).

Open Floor is a relatively young method that supports old traditions. It‘s intention is to bring movement, dance, embodiment and meditation into the center of society and make it accessible to all beings.

At an organizational level, the organization works with the methods of dynamic governance - an innovative, democratic model of business management. Currently Open Floor International is in the process of becoming a Non-profit Organization (NGO).

Open Floor is offered in open events, courses, workshops and ongoing groups.

Participation is independent of physical fitness, age and pre-experience.

"If you can walk you can dance, if you can sit you can dance, if you can lie you can dance."

Some of the foundations of Open Floor are:

Move and include. Move and give yourself permission to include all of you: that what you are bringing to the dance-floor is exactly what is and wants to be revealed to you… and let this surprise and enrich-en you!

From fixed to fluid. Numb, fixed areas of our bodies - and in our lives - are invited to move and become more flexible and lighter through the powerful invitation to bring ourselves into movement.

As on the dance-floor so in life. What happens on the dance-floor mirrors - in most cases -patterns that occur in our daily lives. This opens up a big potential for personal development. For example: In the dance, we can become aware of stress patterns that rule our daily lives. If we explore ways that feel more in sync with our true nature and repeatedly practice making those healthy choices on the dance floor, we can re-pattern our nervous system on a subtle - yet profound - level.