in Berlin

Libido Fundamentals On-Going with Lucie Nerot

22. April 2021 um 17:30 – 25. April 2021 um 18:30 Europe/Berlin Zeitzone
Lake Studios Berlin
Scharnweberstraße 27
12587 Berlin
Tamara Romaniuk


As our hearts and bodies awaken through the movement meditation practice, our sexual energy also begins to stir. On the dance floor, we may feel juicy, radiant, and desirable one moment and feel guilty, awkward, and shy in the next. We may feel overwhelmed by our own experience – or by the sexual energies around us – or feel flat, disconnected, or just plain left out. 

Our generative sexual energy – our Libido – is an essential part of our body’s natural expression, complicated one moment, ecstatic the next; absent or burdened with expectations of past experiences, this energy within and between us comes to the dance longing for freedom. 

Because sexuality is so often underground, ignored, or unconsciously acted out, the exploration of this territory tends to be intense, liberating, intimate and powerful. The potential pleasure and beauty of this journey is well worth the challenge and the risks. 

This is the journey Libido Fundamentals is offering!


Libido Fundamentals On-Going | Berlin 2020 – 2021


Prerequisites: 15 hours of Open Floor or other conscious dance practice is required.


Module 1 : In the name of the body | Date: 8.10 – 11.10. 2020

Module 2 : Giving and Receiving | Date: 21.01 – 24.01. 2021

Module 3 : Into the Wild | Date: 22.04 – 25.04. 2021

Module 4 : Dissolve in Delight | Date: 16.09 – 19.09. 2021

(see the description of the modules below)


Lucie Nerot is a founding member of Open Floor International. She trained with Andrea Juhan in teaching Libido Fundamentals, with Gabrielle Roth in the 5 Rhythms and with Richard Moss in consciousness and energy work. She is also an international interpreter for trainings in imago therapy, coaching, consciousness work and loves to translate these teachings into movement scores that enrich her teaching. She has been dancing and teaching internationally for almost 20 years. She is passionate in her quest for the paths that lead to our essential self and to the richness of human relationship.


Every time I have taught Libido Fundamentals I wanted more time for this juicy subject: more time to get ready to dive in, more time to explore, more time to integrate. I added half a day, a day, and this time I’m really giving us time: 4 modules with the same group. 


Module 1 : In the name of the body

For most of us, when we were born, there was a „it’s a girl!“ or „it’s a boy!“, and with comes a male or female family lineage, expectations of what to be and not to be, what to do or not to do … all of which plays a big role in how we consider libido, sexuality and creativity. This has often gotten in the way of a free experience or expression of our libido.

In this module we will look at stereotypes of gender roles, from our family, our culture, be curious of the new reflections on gender that are emerging.  And we will dive into the body, and continue to learn to allow our sensations and our natural movement to be, regardless of whether they fit the idea of the man or woman we „should“ be. We will get a finer perception of the difference between sensation and story. As we become aware of our stories and our sensations, and create some space for both, we will have greater freedom and a richer experience of our libido energy.




Module 2 : Giving and Receiving

The human being that we are was born from the encounter of an egg and a sperm. In that original imprint are many resources for giving and receiving. This is obviously key in a relationship with someone, but can also apply to our relationship with ourselves, or with a project. 

In this module we will have an opportunity to find clear expression for what we like and dislike, and cultivate healthy boundaries so we can explore safely. Then we will be ready to discover our potency and let if have a life on the dance floor, discover the power of receiving and feel nourished by it. 






Module 3 : Into the Wild

Most of our wildness has been tamed through education. It is part of the development of a „me“ necessary to function in society. However there is great energy there we can tap into : we all know there is a potential for wildness in sexuality that is quite unique. Partially but not only because of potential pregnancy, all societies have created structures to try to control the wildness. Similar wildness can be found in Art, and society often tolerates a certain degree of madness in „artists“ that it doesn’t tolerate elsewhere. There can be wild fantasies,a wild hunger for sex, wild „take me“ journeys, a wild release of sounds, expressions, especially during orgasm. Those of you who have danced a lot may have reached similar states in the dance, or while you paint, act, etc. Most of us have a push/pull relationship to wildness : we long for it and we fear it. We hit the barriers of what has been socially forbidden or ruled out by our education. How can we open the door to our own wildness and to each other’s wildness, while respecting our boundaries and each other’s boundaries?





Module 4 : Dissolve in Delight

There is a well known saying of „post coïtum collapse“ or that when an artist has finished a piece there is some form of depression. There is for sure a contrast after a strong activation, a strong feeling of aliveness and connection, and if we have not learned to navigate contrast, to feel alive when we settle, to trust the emptiness and rest in it, to relish in the pause, difficult feelings can arise. 

But there is a delight that can be a thread to our exploration of Libido, that we can forget or loose and come back to, that we can discover. We can spontaneously delight in the other, delight in ourselves, in the wonderment of life, because our system is more open in that moment. 

We can also learn to trust dissolving into the mysterious source of love, lust, life, and everything else, and get deep nourishment for our whole being and especially our soul.





Prerequisites: 15 hours of Open Floor or other conscious dance practice is required.


You will be joining a closed group for four modules on the theme of “Libido”. This means you will be journeying with the same people for the whole program. It’s a bit like a temporary extended family, where you can explore deeper in your field of solitude, nourish your hunger for connection, explore your hunger for belonging and for Source. We are really looking forward to seeing you there. It will be an unforgettable journey!